All Things About Essay Writing

Knowing Which You'll Make a Perfect One

Get a Writing Style Book

The most common writing styles are MLA, Chicago and APA style. To make sure that the student is formatting and writing their assignment correctly, they should always find a writing style guide for the specific writing style. If the student cannot afford one, they can always look in the library or online.

Read Examples

No one is born with a natural ability to write well. Most people have to work for years before they become a good essay writer. To speed up this process, students should read through examples from excellent writers. These examples can also be used as a guide to developing an argument or citing a source.

Edit Carefully

Before the essay can be turned in, the student must thoroughly proofread their work. Editing helps the student to spot mistakes and typos before the teacher sees them. If the student is unable to edit well alone, they can always ask a friend or a teacher for help.

Grammar Problems

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is with grammar. The student's ideas matter, but the reader will not be able to understand the student's ideas if the paper is poorly written. Mistakes like “she were” or “their walking to the store” are problems that can be easily fixed if the student knows how to.

Common mistakes with your and you're or their, they're and there are frequently made in writing, and they can be easily avoided. Students should be careful about using incorrect grammar or they will be marked down.

Passive Voice

There are two main ways to write. In active voice, students would write, “I gave the present to her”. In passive voice, the same sentence would read, “The present was given by me”. Passive voice is generally harder to understand, and it is more boring to read than active voice. e.

While it is sometimes unavoidable, students should try their best to write in active voice.

Word Choice

There are two main problems when it comes to word choice. Sometimes, students use a thesaurus to find long, complicated sounding words. While the student may think that this makes them sound intelligent, it often makes the paper harder to read. In addition, students may use a long word that does not have the same meaning as their original word choice. Due to this, students should just write naturally and stick to the vocabulary that they already know.

Other than choosing complicated words, students have another word choice pitfall to watch out for. Words like “well”, “you know”, “um” or other meaningless fillers have no place in academic writing. These meaningless fillers are useless for the student's argument and makes them appear less intelligent. In addition, students should watch out for overused words like “very”, “interesting” or “really”. It is always better to use a more exact description like “exceptional” than “very good”.


An outline is the best way to guide the argument and make sure that the essay is logically laid out. Before the student begins writing, they should always make an outline.
Beneath each body paragraph, the student should include the pieces of research that they need to support their argument.
By doing this, students can make sure that they have enough evidence to write their paper.

For students, one of the hardest parts in any class is writing an essay. While writing is a much needed skill to have, many English classes do not adequately cover how to write and format a paper. To get a perfect score, students must learn how to write well about academic subjects. The tips from our website are designed to help students learn what to do while writing and mistakes to avoid.

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