What Is the Basic Structure of a Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

In a compare and contrast essay, a writer needs to specify similarities and dissimilarities in the content. You should select two objects or events to do the comparison. In the conclusion, you will have to include few of your views/opinions to restructure the write-up.

Your compare and contrast paper must provide some brilliant facts to do the evaluation through comparison. Make a list of similarities and dissimilarities for enlarging the content. Your readers will have to be convinced when they go through the content from top to bottom. In the introduction, the short but understandable thesis statement needs to be written. This précised statement must reveal the purpose of the writer. Include or mention few points in this thesis sentences.

Basic Structures o f Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Introduction with a thesis statement
  • Body of content
  • Conclusion
  • Transformational hook or phrase

Write a Short Introduction

It is one of the basic criteria to compose the introduction in the beginning. Every sentence written in the introductory section must be flawless, simple and easy to understand. Describe what you need to divulge or think. Give an overview about the topic in this introduction. However, you should not make your comments or bring any controversial issue with solution in this first paragraph. Only bird’s view with some general ideas is required when you are believed to reframe the introductory part of the content. Use few transformational hooks or phrases which channelize the streamline of facts and thoughts from introduction through body of content up to the conclusion. Often rebuttal paragraph is inserted to introduce readers to the views of opponents. However, rebuttal content is usually used in argumentative essay.

Body of Content

Unlike other types of write-ups, split the entire body of the content into four different sections. You will have to cross check the list of points before reinforcing the body of the content with barrage of similar and dissimilar determinants correctly. Your commitment must be tuned up to precise the content without inserting superficial or irrelevant materials. This middle portion should have four paragraphs. Two paragraphs are written on compare and remaining two paragraphs should highlight contrast of two events respectively. Go through the content carefully to avoid spelling mistakes and any formatting issue. Try to provide as many good points as you are able to do. However, readers should not roam in hallucination. Therefore, use easy words and lot of examples with facts to support your views.

The conclusion is the place where you have to sharpen your skill in letting your readers know what you opine to establish the truth. Be proactive and dynamic when you illustrate the ending part of the content. You should not insert new things or components to do the extensive analysis sin the last section of compare and contrast write-up.

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