How to write an expository essay: 6 rules to keep in mind

Expository essays are one of the easiest forms because it follows the basic structure of an informative essay. You are informing your reader about something that interests you.

Six important things to know about expository essays:

  1. All expository essays seek to inform—in some fashion or other.
  2. Some instructors assign a specific type of expository essay—say, a “how to do insert some craft, sport, activity, hobby. . . anything you know about and would love to research even more.”
  3. Some instructors, however, want more of an explanatory essay—in which you explain, for instance, why you hold a certain point of view about some issue. Why you believe changes should be made in the school lunchroom and vending machine options to make them healthier, for instance.
  4. All expository essays follow a clear structure: Introductory sentences that hook the reader, then thesis at the end of the intro paragraph. Body paragraphs which explain or inform about your thesis/topic. A conclusion which states something overall or why explaining this to your reader is important to you—and what it might change about their life.
  5. You want to clearly state your thesis in an informative essay of any type. And many students launch right into the explaining/instructions and forget this. So make sure you have a clearly stated thesis.
  6. And the best thing about expository essays? ? It’s the absolute easiest essay to write. Why? , you might ask. Because, in an expository essay, you basically inform and explain to the reader about a belief, a talent, how to do something or why you believe something.

All basic objectives of the expository essay, however, are to inform your reader. The reader a how to manual on how to create something, accomplish something, write something, learn something.

Most of us have things we have focused the majority of our mental attention on, be it the art of writing a memoir, to mastering the latest Zelda game! Perhaps you are talented at a given sport: say volleyball, tennis, football, baseball, twirling a baton, gymnastics, or swimming – of course, I’ve left off many, here. But most of us have mastered some task, niche, hobby, interest, sport, or activity in some form. From learning to create the perfect cake to learning how to build a gingerbread house – and craft essays are often perfect for this topic, anyone can write a “how to” essay or a “how to do something and become an expert with practice” kind of essay without saying "write my essay for me!".

So think about something you love with a passion—this will make the best topic for you to write about with zeal and for your reader to read about with great interest.

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